At Home for Kids

Illustration and Motion Graphics

CHALLENGE: The pandemic of COVID-19 had a huge impact on everyone around the world, impacting individuals, families, businesses, schools, and many more. To reduce the spread of the virus, schools had to go virtual and daycares had to shut down, leaving young children at home. This affected parents since they constantly had to take care of their young children who are constantly looking for things to do. The challenge here is to help out parents and children during COVID-19, hopefully providing them with some happiness through their tough times.

SOLUTION: I came up with the solution to provide children and parents with instructions for activities that children can do. These activities are for children 5-6 years old and can be done with little help from the parent. I chose to distribute these activities by creating an Instagram page. The parent would find the activity and then show their child so that they can follow along.

In order to make this appeal to young children I used bright colors and illustrated each part of the instructions. The illustrated instructions allow for the child to complete their activity on their own so their parent can have some free time. For each post, it starts with an animated title and from there the child can swipe through the screens to see the simple directions.

I spread the word out to some parents with young children to receive feedback about the Instagram page. They sent in photos of their children and mentioned that their children loved all of these types of activities and that they were simple to follow.

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