Movie Buddy

UX / UI Design

CHALLENGE: Movie Buddy was a collaborative project that I worked on with Daniela Foss, Brandon Velasquez, and Sabrina Palazzo. The goal was to create an app and website that would serve as a personalized movie database made for “movie lovers”. It was important that the design for both the app and website was simple to navigate through and easy to learn.

SOLUTION: As a team, we designed and prototyped an app made for the iPhone, iPad, and Android, as well as a website. Our focus was on creating an enjoyable experience for users by utilizing illustration and animations throughout. We did this by using various research methods and user testing when creating and revising our app. I was in charge of the logo design, the animated loading screen, the personalized quiz, and also in helping to create multiple parts of the app and website.

Our logo uses a typeface that has a human-like feel to it with one initial leaning on the other, giving it a friendly feeling as if the two letters are buddies.

The loading screen of the app is meant to give off a playful energy as the user opens up the app.

The design of our app consists of colors that are seen in a movie environment, using a distinct popcorn yellow color for buttons to differentiate them from the rest. We also kept a clean, organized design, using only important information on each page to ensure that the user does not get overwhelmed since it is a database.

Home Page and Genre Page

Trending Now Page, Movie Page, and Actor Page

News Page

Profile Page and Settings Page

A major feature of our app is the movie quiz, which helps the user to find a movie to watch based on their mood. It is featured on the home page of the app for easy access.

For the iPad design the app has all of the same features with the elements placed in a different layout. As for our website design, it has similar features, but the personalized elements are taken away.

We prototyped our app, which helped us to complete user testing through our overall process.

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