WHAT Coffee

Brand Identity and App Design

CHALLENGE: The challenge at hand was to create a brand identity that captures the essence of an energetic coffee shop environment. "WHAT Coffee" is a coffee shop and restaurant with a lively atmosphere, their customers being teenagers and young adults who are looking to have some fun. They believe that the strong, bold coffee they serve will give customers energy to socialize and interact with one another. Their philosophy is all about staying connected with friends and also meeting new people. "WHAT Coffee" needed a unique identity to differentiate itself from the calm coffee shop environments.

SOLUTION: To begin my solution I sketched many different iterations of logos, each encompassing the bold and energetic qualities of the coffee shop. I then created my strongest ideas to better visualize them.

My final logo utilizes bold lines and bright colors as I wanted to go the opposite direction of some coffee shop competitors who stick with neutral colors. The colors that I chose are bright and energetic to appeal to a younger generation. I chose a bold san serif font to keep it modern and put the emphasis splashing coffee cup logo.

All of their cups, bags, and signage use the brand identity, also including hand drawn elements to add to the uniqueness of their shop. The bright colors are also seen in the design of the coffee shop itself to create a high energy environment.

Another solution of mine was to create an app design that would appeal to the target audience. I created the design using the brand identity and kept the user's needs in mind. The user would be able to order directly from the home screen, either from in the shop or for take out, and they are also able to post to a feed. The feed is made to promote socializing, staying connected, and sharing the love of coffee.

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