Fresh Juice Shop

Brand Identity and Motion Graphic

CHALLENGE: Fresh is a concept I created for a juice shop that sells juice and smoothies. This shop would be small and family owned, known for their uniqueness of their juices and blended smoothies. Their visitors would consist of health enthusiasts, looking for the benefits that come from each smoothie or juice. Each drink is specially made by hand, using only fresh fruits and vegetables and never anything that is pre-made. Fresh needed an identity that expresses its all natural and handmade characteristics of their juices.

SOLUTION: After exploring many variations of logo designs, my final logo encompasses the idea of fruit bring squeezed and juiced using bright organic colors, to match the actual colors of the juices. I chose an expressive typeface and added in the element of a straw, emphasizing that the shop is all about the drinks that it sells. I also chose to use droplet illustrations throughout the identity to resemble the action of juicing a fruit or vegetable.

A menu design was created to be given out in the shop that will be casually handed out on clipboards. The design consists of a lot of movement in its typography and illustrations to play on the idea of blending and juicing.

The Fresh logo would appear on juice and smoothie cups in white so that the color of the smoothie is emphasized.

An advertisement was made to promote the handmade, unique quality of Fresh.

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