Smashed, The Guac Shop

Branding and Motion Graphic

CHALLENGE: Smashed is a concept I created for a pre-made guacamole brand that can be found at local grocery stores. The challenge was to create advertisements that would appeal to millennials and tell the story of their brand. Their tagline should also be shown throughout the advertisements being: "search for every flavor in just one dip". This emphasizes the variety of rich, bold flavors of their guacamole.

SOLUTION: I created a logotype focusing on the the messy feeling of guacamole, using a less structured typeface. The goal was to make it exciting and looking as if it is splattered.

To appeal to millennials I came up with the idea of using characters who can relate to this age group. Each character is a different ingredient with a different attitude. They can be seen across all "Smashed" advertising having different conversations in the language that millennials would use. The characters also fit with the brand's tagline because you are searching for all of the flavors in all of the advertisements, as they are always scattered throughout. The goal behind the advertising is to show the funny, light hearted side of the brand.

I created a short animation all about searching for every flavor, by using the idea of mazes and the different characters throughout.

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