Kicker, Album Cover

Typography and Illustration

CHALLENGE: Zella Day is a singer and songwriter with a free-spirited and confident attitude. She has a unique lyrical-type voice and her music falls in the genre of indie-pop with a western flare. Her popular album Kicker marks the transition from her youth in Pinetop, Arizona to her worldwide fame. Her songs in the album reflect her childhood in Arizona and how nature played a large role in her creativity. The challenge was to create an album cover design that would show who Zella Day is as an artist and as a person, while also showing what Kicker means to her.

SOLUTION: The final iteration of the album cover design consists of vibrant colors, organic flowers, and bold typefaces. The gradient of colors used has a calming effect, like a sunrise, with the flowers flowing throughout, relating to Zella Day's love of nature and care free energy. I chose to contrast this organic style by making the title "Kicker" be bold and have a western feeling to it. The texture of the overall design is also inspired by the vintage style of Zella Day.

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