Well: Promoting Health and Fitness

Brand Identity and Website Design / Development

CHALLENGE: Students face many difficulties when moving away to college, like making new friends, living somewhere completely new, and starting challenging classes. Even after students get used to living there, college continues to bring new obstacles. This can cause a great amount of stress on students causing them to not properly focus on themselves, often making eating healthy and being active difficult. The challenge here is to use design to push students to reach their health and fitness goals, reduce stress, and overcome the difficult setbacks that college brings.

SOLUTION: I decided to create a company called "Well" and design their brand identity to appeal to college aged students, using a modern look and a colorful palette. As a company I designed many different deliverables that can be accessed by students at colleges that will provide them with information to help them live a healthier lifestyle.

The brand identity of "Well" contains a logo with a tagline, icons, and an animation. They are shown on white backgrounds allowing for a clean look and for the colors to pop.

Nutrition posters were designed to be hung around college dining halls. Students can scan the QR code to access ever changing information about the different meals of the day.

When the QR code is scanned it would bring a student to meal tips and ideas. These landing pages had to be responsive on a mobile phone since this is how most students will access it.

The poster idea was extended into fitness posters, which can be hung in college dorm halls, providing students with different workout ideas depending on the poster that the student scans.

Another important part of the solution was to create a website. The website contains a nutrition category, a fitness category, and a category to find ways to connect with other students. All of the information on the website is relevant to college students. The website also includes a "speak to a nutritionist" section and many relevant articles. To make this possible, I coded out a website utilizing bootstrap for certain elements.

It was also important to find ways for students to connect on campus so "Well" posters, brochures, and merchandise were created. These would be given out to campuses to encourage students to have "Well" meetings to discuss their health and fitness journeys and to meet new friends.

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