The History of Halloween

Motion Graphic and Digital Publication Design

CHALLENGE: The challenge present was to educate young children about the history of Halloween in a way that would keep them engaged. Parts of the history are a bit confusing and not as exciting as the holiday itself, so the goal was to make it understandable to a younger audience.

SOLUTION: My solution was to create an animation with a voice over using child-like illustrations throughout. I started out by researching the history of the holiday of Halloween and how it came to be. There is not one clear story of its history so I decided to combine the many different variations into one by using the most important ideas. I animated the illustrations in a way that portrays the story and also shows the style of Halloween through its colors and spooky elements. The voiceover is done by a 20 year old girl making it sound as if a babysitter is telling the story to children.

In expanding this idea, I decided to use stills from the animations and turn them into an online article, which can be shown on websites like BuzzFeed. The story would now appeal to an older audience, like teenagers looking for a fun read. This is because it is written out in more detail and on a platform for this age group.

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